We are the branch of women entrepreneurs of FECOBA, made up of entrepreneurs, businesswomen, professionals and merchants, who are trained and interact to create and empower each other. We provide training and promote the participation of women in decision-making positions in the business, government and private.

  • Promote the professional and personal development of each woman through training and networking.
  • Make identified and referenced by FECOBA women.
  • Achieve visibility for women entrepreneurs.
  • Train and promote women so that they can export, have knowledge in financial matters, thus acquiring benefits and links with the State.

UniĆ³n de Comerciantes, Profesionales e Industriales de Villa del Parque

Accountant, Tax and Accounting Advisor. Specialized in SMEs. Trainer and speaker in numerous forums and congresses related to women entrepreneurs and gender integration. Vice President of the Chamber of Merchants and Professionals of Villa del Parque.

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