We promote the national industry, and group all its actors to advise them, accompany them in the management, and support them integrally, in order to facilitate and enhance their developments.

  • Institutional: Relationship with governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Business: Synergize and generate critical mass for effective access to financing instruments, promotion policies, and participation in trade missions, fairs, exhibitions and business round.
  • Legal and technical assistance services: Consulting and training, with direct actions, courses, seminars and conventions, that solve problems, meet needs, and add value to the different partner entities
  • Communication: Press actions, dissemination of achievements, collection of statistical information, and public awareness about sectoral issues.

Cámara Industrial de las Motocicletas, Bicicletas, Rodados y Afines (CIMBRA)

He has been a sector secretary since November 2014 and his relationship with different industrial sectors in the last 30 years, has given him a recognized and marked experience that validates his various action plans and favorable efforts in favor of the productive sectors.

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